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Thank you for taking your most valuable commodity… Time and sharing a little with us.  We are excited about serving your travel needs and this blog page is just the start.  This page is part of a larger network of products and services that we intend on extending to our friends, clients and guests.  As you will see on our ‘Blogroll’, there are several other page links that will help serve you with your current travel needs and questions.  We are just taking our first steps in this wonderful world of blogging; but instead of having nothing on here or a ‘still under construction’ sign, we felt that we should at least post an explanation of our status and what our intent and purpose is.   

So, please accept our most humble apologies for the delay in the development of this page.  However, we are committed to working diligently towards creating a unique offering to discerning travelers who are looking for an organization to partner with in providing quality material, information and service for their travel needs.

Please check back with us over the next several weeks as we work to achieve our goal of providing the page you are looking for.  In the meantime, please visit our sister pages for alternative material as well as link to our COMPREHENSIVE travel search engine to address and resolve your travel needs (www.cornerstonetravelandmore.com).

Once again, thank you for your patience as we continue to build a first class travel blog.


THE Travel Concierge.


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